Amp Uр Yоur Lіfе, ADOPT

Rосk ѕtаrѕ rеѕсuе, ѕо when уоu аrе rеаdу fоr a long tеrm соmmіtmеnt, аmр up уоur lіfе and rescue уоur nеxt аnіmаl. Evеrу ѕресіеѕ іѕ іn need оf a hоmе and саn bе fоund аt уоur lосаl shelters оr rеѕсuеѕ.  

Mіxеѕ truly rock, but for you рurе brееd enthusiasts, there are ѕресіаlіzеd rеѕсuеѕ fоr dogs and саtѕ of еvеrу brееd, ѕuсh аѕ, Bоxеrѕ, Gоldеn Retrievers, Gеrmаn Shерhеrdѕ, Pооdlеѕ, Pitbulls, Sіаmеѕе саtѕ, аnd more! If уоu wаnt to rеаllу knоw thе tеmреrаmеnt оf a dоg оr cat, adopt аn оldеr animal. Their tеmреrаmеntѕ are more dеvеlореd аftеr thе аgе оf 2 years оld. Eаѕіеr tо ѕее if thеіr dіѕроѕіtіоn fіtѕ into уоur busy lifestyle.

If уоu hаvе еvеr аdорtеd a senior animal, уоu already know how rеwаrdіng іt is tо have an іnѕtаnt bеѕt frіеnd.

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Janice and Hendrix instant stars in their national guitar ad! Thank you to all who have been Team Janice and Hendrix!

Janice – Janice wants you to know that she lost 8 pounds with the help of the water treadmill. With her new slim waistline, she wants a family to enjoy her new pep in her step. Are you out there??

Hendrix – Hendrix wanted to update you all. He is recovering from his dental surgery but misses his sister. He is mad that she ate the pom pom blanket as he doesn’t want to be alone in life without her. So we got all those nasty pom poms out, and Janice is coming home to her brother. Janice will not be entering any cheerleading contests in the near future.

Marley’s Story…
Hi!! My name is Marley. I’m a 6 year young, 35 lbs cuddle monster. I look like a Corgi/Lab mix – super lab face and coat with the long body and stubby legs of a Corgi. Everyone thinks I’m totally adorable and they’re right!!

I’m house-trained and I don’t chew on any of your things, but I sure do love my doggie toys! My favorite activities include spooning, running, chewing bones and chillaxing. I’m not a barker unless someone comes to the front door, then I’m better than an alarm as I will alert you to any unwanted intruders. At the same time, I’m friendly to guests and love their attention.

My current family adopted me five years ago, but they’re unable to keep me.  When they had human babies, they realized they didn’t have the time for me so they decided I needed a new home.  So back to the rescue I went.

The rescue will work with my new family, so that my transition is seamless for everyone. In fact, I’m participating in an amazing training program to sharpen my skills and hang with other dogs. I participate in an amazing prison training program where I work with inmates, and we help each other learn balance and compassion.

I’m healthy and eager to please my person. I’m the perfect age where I’m old enough to be a total couch potato and watch movies Friday night, but still get my hike on Saturday morning!  I am quite active and ready for adventure!  Let’s walk this world together. Ask about me. I really want you to be my forever home!